Still not cool enough for this...

25, Queer, White, London Ontario Canada. Your genitalia is not a determining factor in my attraction to you. What you will see here: Myself, porn, kink/fetish/domb/sub stuff, Daddy/lg play, general sluttiness. May also include: Fat, beautiful babes, awesome queers, feminist, queer, and gender related stuff. Also, food and coffee

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Bed, three cups of coffee and some pain killers. Living in bed for the rest of the day.

I was determined to have a better day, today. Funny how a couple little things can completely fucking ruin it. I’m going back to bed. Fuck everything

I am not worthy. I’m just not.

Gonna watch Loving Annabelle and cry about everything.

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Those moments when you just want to go get in bed and try again tomorrow.

Sometimes I go for days/weeks without a mood swing or a big drop. This is not that week.

I just really need someone to go down on me for like 2 hours. Only have to wait 18 more days…

Nip slip.

Nip slip.

My man has a date tomorrow and I’m so excited for him! Eek!