Still not cool enough for this...

25, Queer, White, London Ontario Canada. Your genitalia is not a determining factor in my attraction to you. What you will see here: Myself, porn, kink/fetish/domb/sub stuff, Daddy/lg play, general sluttiness. May also include: Fat, beautiful babes, awesome queers, feminist, queer, and gender related stuff. Also, food and coffee

My face, my tits, my bits <3  Wishlist   Ask me anything...and I really mean, anything. Tell me things, too ;)   Show me things
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i never see pictures of katy perry on my dash and i just wanna thank yall

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Also, I just figured it out today, 48 days until I see my man again!

So nervous and giddy and excited for my interview tomorrow

Hooooooooly shit the amazing place I applied to called me for an interview for tomorroooowwwww! SWOON

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